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​​April 7, 2020

​Office of the Governor
​​Establishing a process to evaluate and implement Federal Coronavirus Funding

​April 22, 2020
​US Department of the Treasury
​Coronavirus Relief Fund Frequently Asked Questions

​​April 22, 2020
​​US Department of the Treasury
​Coronavirus relief Fund Guidance for State, Territorial, Local, and Tribal Governments

​April 22, 2020
​National Association of State Budget Officers
​​Federal Guidance related to the Coronavirus Preparedness & Response Supplemental Appropriations Act and Families First Coronavius Respionse Act and Exononoimic Security Act (CARES)

​May 4, 2020
​Governor CFAC Memo - Allocation of CFR Funds
Governor CFAC Memo - Allocation of CRF Funds.pdf
​May 6, 2020

Governor Declaration​ - Coronavirus Relief Funds

Governor Declaration - CRF Funds Lobby Organization Restriction.pdf
​May 6, 2020

​Idaho Rebounds - Local and Tribal Community Registration Notice
Idaho Rebounds - Local and Tribal Government Registration Notice.pdf
​May 6, 2020
​​Idaho Rebounds - State Agency Registration Notice
State, Local, and Tribal Community Support Grant --State.pdf