Accessing Public Records

By law, you have a right to access government data beyond that which is presented in the Transparent Idaho website.

In 1990, the Idaho Legislature affirmed its commitment to transparent government by enacting the Idaho Public Records Law. It protects your right to access government records, so that we may hold our government accountable. In Idaho, this law applies to all levels of government, from the state to county and city.

If you would like to review information about Idaho state government that is not available via the Transparent Idaho website, most likely you will be able to obtain via a public records request made in accordance to the Idaho Public Records Law.

Listed below, please find information and resources to help you use and understand this important transparency tool:

Idaho Public Records Law – Idaho Code Title 74, Chapter 1

Idaho Public Records Law – Published by the Idaho Attorney General

Open Idaho – Resources from Idaho Public Television Link

Federal Freedom of Information Act – Request information from the U.S. Government