Powered by IBIS

IBIS, the Idaho Business Intelligence Solution, is the engine that drives the data behind Transparent.Idaho.gov. The State Controller’s Office launched this powerful analytical tool in 2004, and continues to roll out enhancements to the program.

IBIS uses the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Suite as its front-end reporting engine to provide a high-end analysis tool for the state’s Accounting, Payroll, Travel Express, and P-Card data. It allows users to quickly and easily compile state financial data into meaningful reports.

Each night, our IBIS system automatically generates the more than 3,500 pdf and csv reports that comprise the data presented in Transparent.Idaho.gov.

The State Controller’s Office believes state government agencies need accurate and current information in order to make informed decisions. Our office, and many other state agencies, relies on IBIS to provide the data we need to conduct the people’s business.