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If you use Internet Explorer, Compatibility Mode must be turned off for this site. In Compatibility View settings, be sure that "Display all websites in Compatibility View" is not checked, and also remove "" from the website list if it is present.

All reports are shown in PDF format and utilize Adobe Acrobat Reader. You must have this application installed on your PC/workstation. Browsers must be 32-bit to correctly display reports shown in Acrobat Reader. Download Adobe Reader Icon

Possible Issues

Issue: Report Data is too small to see

You should utilize the zoom features of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (or native PDF reader of the web browser) to make report text larger. The menu should be along the top of the report viewer, and the zoom buttons generally are a PLUS and MINUS sign.

Issue: Report Download links do not work

Report downloads are in CSV format (Comma Separated Values). They will open by default in your PC's native spreadsheet application. If you do not have a spreadsheet application, one will need to be obtained. These files may also be loaded into other systems.

Your browser's Pop-up Blocker may prevent the downloading of report data. You may need to add the site to the list of sites that are "Allowed" to open Pop-up windows. Click here to find out how.

Issue: Links are broken and do not work

Please notify us by using the Feedback function in the upper-right of the home page. If this link is also not working, you may email a description of the issue to

How To: Save or Print Displayed Reports

Use the saving and printing functions of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not see a toolbar at the top of your report window, you are likely in Read Mode. Simply hover your mouse near the bottom center of the report, and the Read Mode menu will appear. Save and Print functions are located on the left.